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A new way forward, for You

28 July 2022 



It's been a while since I wrote to you, and it has been a time of exciting changes here at Ulo. 

I am delighted to welcome four talented women to our new in-house design and production team.  Together, we have have been busy creating pieces for our beautiful new womenswear collection 'Miri' which launches in August.

In Nigeria, our textile team has battled through monsoon season to create what I will say are by far our favourite textiles to date.  From the rich colours to the vibrant prints and the intricate detail of the production process, we have been able to capture the process on film, and we are looking forward to sharing these with you soon. 

Finally, I have put a lot of thought how best to share Ulo with you. 

Our subscribers received a newsletter this morning with news and details of our upcoming collections and events.  

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| Spring - A new collection, A new approach |

We have a beautiful series of womenswear and home collections arriving in August.

‘Miri’ is our new womenswear collection which will be available for our subscribers to preview and pre-order on Saturday 11 August.

The word ‘Udummiri’ means ‘spring’ in Igbo, the Nigerian dialect spoken by some of our textile partners.  It is a word that I have come to love as we have been creating our latest textiles, and one that I think is only too fitting for the upcoming season.

Our subscribers have received news of the collection today. 

As a member of our subscriber programme, you will be first to view the full collection and textile offering, and reserve pieces through pre-order.

Please join our mailing list if you wish to receive details first.


| Made for you, Made to Last |

In Melbourne, our upstairs studio which sits above our retail boutique, has been transformed into our workroom where the team and I will create and make our collections in-house.

For those of who have been following Ulo since the beginning, you will remember that this is how the journey began, and it is one which I am proud to invest in as we move into a new phase for the business.

People are the core of what we do, and I truly believe that happy people make happy clothes, so I am very excited to share more about team in the coming months.


| Our inspiration |

The Victoria & Albert Museum in London is currently celebrating contemporary African fashion in their latest exhibition. 

On display are 45 African designers from over 20 countries across the continent with pieces from various time periods.













This exhibition explores the depth and innovation of both African designers and textiles alike.

Some of our favourite designers are included in this exhibition including NKWO, Lisa Folawiyo and Kofi Ansah. 

Read more here.


| Thank You |

And finally...thank you.

People, stories, journeys and perspectives are at the core of our inspiration, and I have often found it hard to share this the right way, however, I feel like we are heading in the right direction.

What fills me with pride is the conscious story-telling we are able to do with our crafted textiles.  And truth, be told, I love what we do here at Ulo.

I hope you do, too.


Dinzi Amobi

Founder & Creative Director

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