A Note from our Founder, Dinzi Amobi

A Note from our Founder, Dinzi Amobi


It’s been a while since I wrote a founder's note, but before I share our holiday update, I want to thank you all for your messages over recent months, and thank you if you’ve ventured into our retail store recently.

Five years ago I started Ulo with a passion to share the beauty and creativity of African textiles. Never could I imagine what it has become, and whilst it has been very exciting, I’ve also discovered new joy in recent months working behind-the-scenes with our team to design and build the next chapter.

On a personal note, I will be venturing home to London next week to enjoy a European summer and my first break in 4.5 years. I’ll be sinking into a new motherhood, enjoying time with my children, whilst celebrating my mother’s Nigerian wedding (yes, she’s getting married at 70!) and reconnecting with my supportive friends and family. You can follow along on Instagram @dinzi_uloaustralia.

Our beautiful retail store, which I now refer to as our ‘orange home’ has had a colourful makeover and will be tended to in my absence by Cinzia, our Italian studio lead/magician who leads the creation behind Ulo Woman.  She will be assisted by Di, our interiors whizz, who has brought fresh life to our home decor collection mastering unique furniture pieces, lighting and home decor. Please pop in if you are local.

Ulo’s Holiday Month (1 July - 29 July)

Retail store open ~ Wednesdays & Fridays: 9am - 5pm

Phone/WhatsApp: +61 420 619 479

Email: hello@uloaustralia.com

Sale enquiries available via DM. 

Normal hours resume upon my return on Wednesday 2 August.

Thank you. 


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