Amber Rosette
Amber Rosette

Amber Rosette

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A repeating rosette printed in navy blue and crimson red that celebrates the timeless romance of rose motifs. Originally, the print was known as 'Obaapa' which means a 'good woman' or a 'good wife'.  Fabric printed in Tanzania.

Fabric Details

100% cotton

Width: 117cm

Sold by the metre - quantity per metre.

Made using a highly-unique wax printing technique unlike any other in the world, every piece is created with an unequalled and extraordinary level of care and precision. First, a design in liquid wax is printed on cotton. A base dye such as indigo soaks into the cloth around the wax, leaving behind a deep, intense colour. One single piece of wax print goes through an average of 25 total steps before completion, and part of the magic of wax printing can cause a pattern of small, irregular bubbles and crackling to emerge throughout the design which may cause slight imperfections - all part of the characteristics of the fabric. 

Purchase Details

Free samples available. A maximum of three samples per order.

Additional samples will be charged at $2 per sample.

If you require bespoke meterage then please contact us at hello@uloaustralia.com for assistance.

Amber Rosette