Speed Bird Speed Bird
Speed Bird Speed Bird

Speed Bird

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A vibrant colour way for this popular Ankara print.  It has several names from country to country including Speedbird, Hirondelle, and 'Air Afrique'.  Traditionally, the motif represents the African proverb 'For money has wings and can fly away'.  

Appropriate for a variety of home sewing projects - clothing, home accessories and other craft projects.

Our textiles

Sourced from Nigeria.

100% cotton.

Width: 120cm.

For an idea of school, each oval is just under 12cm wide.

Purchase Details

Sold by the metre - quantity per metre.

Please note we make every effort to represent the colours as accurately as possible.  Some colours may display differently depending on monitor/screen they are viewed on. 

If you require samples or custom meterage then please contact us at hello@uloaustralia.com for assistance.

Take Care

Machine washable.  Colour does not fade if placed in direct sunlight. 

Speed Bird Speed Bird