Our Story

Welcome to Ulo.  We are a modern African-inspired lifestyle brand based in Melbourne creating statement clothing and homewares for everyday living.

There is an old Nigerian saying 'to ginger' someone or something which means 'to make someone feel good or to spice them up', and that's what we take great joy in doing here at Ulo.

I established Ulo in 2017. Having grown up in Nigeria and then London, I've always had a deep appreciation for African textiles and the stories behind them. My grandmother always used to say 'what is life without colour' and I couldn't agree more.  

Having moved from London to Melbourne, I always knew that I wanted to bring a piece of my home to Australia, and it was this desire which encouraged me to start designing and making capsule collections for the modern home and lifestyle. 





Our Approach

We subscribe to a lean and local production model of manufacturing exclusively in Melbourne, Australia, where I currently reside. 

At the heart of Ulo, is our Melbourne design studio where every piece is made. 

We live and breath organic growth, with a commitment to partnerships, the development of brand-aligned teams and most importantly direct relationships with our clients and partners.

Each collection piece is unique and tells a different story - from ensuring that our designs embody true craftsmanship, to valuing the ethical and sustainable part of the production process, and creating good quality products, we hope that our commitment to creating unique pieces speaks for itself. 


Our Retail Store & Design Studio

In April 2022, we proudly opened our first retail store in Hawthorn, Melbourne known as Ulo Home, where you can browse our vibrant collections whilst enjoying 'The Sounds of Ulo', a monthly rotation of African music. 

Above our retail store is our design studio, where our production team create each collection piece by hand.  

Our design studio  sit just above our Melbourne retail store, where our production team create each collection piece by hand. It very much part of my plan when dreaming of our first immersive retail flagship.  As a non-trend based designer, it was important to me that Ulo grew organically which meant owning all areas of the creative process in-house.

Private Appointments are available for custom orders and wholesale partners.

The team and I take great pleasure in bringing our community together on a regular basis, so we regularly host events and workshops.  You can discover more here.

Our Textiles 

All of our collections are designed using African wax print fabrics sourced from artisans and textile partners in Ghana, Tanzania and Nigeria.  

Most notably, we work with two popular textiles known as Ankara and Adire.

Ankara textile is a soft cotton fabric renowned for its colour and distinctive prints printed in 6 yard pieces in limited quantities. Adire is a starched brocade cotton fabric which is hand-printed in 4 yard pieces exclusively for Ulo by talented craftsmen in Abeokuta, South-Western Nigeria.  After one wash, the textile softens to a linen-like feel - light and easy-to-wear.

The charm of Ulo is found in the subtle imperfections and distinct character of our textiles, meaning no two items are alike.  The uniqueness of each textile is one of the many reasons why we favour small-scale production where quality is favoured over quantity.  Due to the traditional nature of our craft, we are only able to produce a limited quantity of Ulo pieces every month.

Dinzi Amobi, Founder & Creative Director