Ulo Values

Integrity, community, inclusiveness, and a deep respect for heritage are fundamental to ULO.

We strive to practice those values through all facets of the brand. Our main goal is to create meaningful, long-lasting products from the best materials in a sustainable way. To do that, we invest time and effort into our products and practices.

We purposely have smaller collections which we stagger throughout the year rather than following the fast fashion focus on two big seasons. Scaling handmade items requires great skill, craftsmanship and patience which is why we do not scale manufacturing faster than our comfort level. For us, it is more important to make fewer, perfect items than fall foul to excessive production which does not meet our standards for quality and ethics.

It is the way our pieces are made for all to enjoy, the connections and conversations our fabrics encourage, our transparency of process, and refusal to compromise on our values that make ULO what it is today.

made for all to enjoy