Made for you

Made by us. Cherished by you. Our mission is to create good, quality clothing - subtle in design, yet bold in action.

In doing so, we ensure there is purpose to every piece we create, focusing on fine details, slower processes, and partnering with vendors who share our vision. For us, this  is not about creating fashion, this is about encouraging joy.


We take great pride in designing and producing all of our collections in-house.  

We design for ease and comfort.  Our designs are not dictated by seasons or trends, but rather by lifestyle.

We have a core collection of simple silhouettes which we rework in new fabrics regularly.  We do this so that our customer is familiar with our style and fit, and places more focus on selecting prints which will bring joy to their lives.


Our greatest tool is our wax printed fabric. This is the showpiece.

This fabric is rich in culture and heritage, and the epitome of joy. We work very closely with our vendors in Ghana, Tanzania, Nigeria and Senegal to select fabrics which we can showcase through our designs.

Limited by quantities and yardage, the restrictions we face with fabric supplies means that we can not overproduce.  In fact, we can only produce small batch collections at any one time. 

This is about encouraging joy.


All of our collections are proudly designed and made-in house by our team.  

This is a part of the process which enables us to learn about our customers and ensure that we are making good quality garments.

We purposefully started with a made-to-order model so that we did not overproduce.  With our recent expansion and plans to open pop up retail stores and showrooms this year, we are feeling much more comfortable in diversifying the way we produce collections so that we can offer them in a way which is in keeping with our values.


Our focus is to create a good quality product and deliver in an efficient way.  For us, quality control is an imperative part of our creative process.  This is all completed in-house.  Our team reviews each garment and seam to ensure they fall within our quality control guidelines.