Our Story


We are a contemporary apparel and lifestyle design house with a focus on women's style and living. 

All of our collections are designed and made in-house using African textiles sourced from our textile partners in Ghana and Nigeria. 

'Ulo' means 'Home' in Igbo, the native language spoken by Dinzi, our founder and creative director.  Drawing upon her British-Nigerian roos and her own passions for fashion, interiors and cratfsmanship, Ulo offers a unique offering of ready-to-made and custom apparel and home furnshings. 


Our Boutique & Design Studio

In April 2022, we proudly opened our first retail store in Hawthorn, Melbourne. 

Ulo has always been about our people.  Our boutique is inspired by the sights and sound of Nigeria.  From beautiful clothing, custom furniture, home furnishings and of course , our monthly rotation of African music, all of our collections are available to be enjoyed at your leisure.

Our design studio sits diretly above our retail store.  It is our mission to create inspired pieces which share a story and champion intentional production

Private appointments for our custom home and womenswear will be available from March 2023.  Please join our mailing list to register your interest.  Alternatively, email our team at hello@uloaustralia.com for details. 


Our Textiles 

All of our collections are designed using African wax print fabrics sourced from artisans and textile partners in Ghana and Nigeria.  

Most notably, we work with two popular textiles known as Ankara and Adire.

Ankara textile is a soft cotton fabric renowned for its colour and distinctive prints printed in 6 yard pieces in limited quantities. Adire is a starched brocade cotton fabric which is hand-printed in 4 yard pieces exclusively for Ulo by talented craftsmen in Abeokuta, South-Western Nigeria.  After one wash, the textile softens to a linen-like feel - light and easy-to-wear.

The charm of Ulo is found in the subtle imperfections and distinct character of our textiles, meaning no two items are alike.  The uniqueness of each textile is one of the many reasons why we favour small-scale production where quality is favoured over quantity. 
Due to the traditional nature of our craft, we are only able to produce a limited curated collection of pieces each month.